Dinner, drinks, and a run

I have been running every day for the past 4 days. This is a huge win in my book. Every day was hot and horrible; every day I was tired and exhausted before I began; every day was hard before I even began.

Throwing on my shorts, lacing up my sneakers, and stepping out the door every time has been a huge step forward (no pun intended!). Getting started is, for me, more than half the battle. Getting started is the reason I never seem to get anything done – because it’s easier for me to put it off, or to excuse myself for today and promise I’ll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday especially was difficult. The weather in Dallas reached and surpassed the 100F mark, which meant the hours I had been running – about 4:30 or 5:00, were much too hot. Frankly, it was much too dangerous for me, a novice runner, to push myself in heat like that.

It’s a lot like writing this blog, actually. I have ideas that I want to put into place, but I postpone them. If it takes more effort than a quick draft, I don’t attempt a second. Almost as if I’m afraid of the failure, I won’t push myself forward. I’ll make a goal, set a routine, and then, if I miss a day, give up. I don’t have determination, or confidence, or maybe just basic trust in myself. That’s something I’m working on lately.

This evening, I went out with two good friends of mine that I’ve met since moving to Dallas (actually from my small town connections!), @saraw87 and her sis @k0rtniL0ve. It was nice! We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Gloria’s, and I had a house margarita & the carne asada (2 of my favorite things ever!).

I had been meat free since Friday’s potato and bacon extravaganza, so I was really looking forward to the beef! I ended up spending most of my time on their dinky salad, which I guess goes to show that my eating habits have rather improved bwahaha. I think it was probably a testament to my love of avocado, personally.

Tonight, I am full. It’s 9pm, and it is 100°F/38°C exactly. I was going to get up super early and run tomorrow morning, but walking home from the train station, I saw a young woman in a baggy shirt and shorts blazing down the sidewalk. “It’s so terribly hot!” I told her. She agreed with an easy, breathy word. “I was going to skip running, but I think I’ll go tonight. You’ve motivated me.”

So excuse me while I throw still too-short hair into a bun with a rubber band and 8 metal clips, lace up my tennis shoes, and go running off that margarita. I’m sure I’ll thank myself tomorrow for keeping to the routine, even though it’s difficult.

(P.S. – 4+ days absolutely cigarette free!)