i told the kids we were playing cinderella

I hate dirty dishes.

Hate having them in the sink. Hate rinsing them off and putting them in the side sink. They always pile up and look horrible, and if you don’t rinse well, then there is a SMELL, and you basically have to burn pasta on one of the electric coils of the stove in order to mask that smell.

What I hate more than dirty dishes, it seems, are clean ones.

GOODNESS, I will wash out the same coffee cup for 3 or 4 days. I will drink my water from every glass available to me, and that’s with my OCD that will not allow me to drink unfiltered tap water BENDING to allow me to refill the glass (I just treat my filtered water like unfiltered water: fill, empty, x3, fill & drink all at once; NEVER drink stagnant water!).

Admittedly, I emptied the dishwasher between the second and third paragraph (it seemed like the time to do it), and the task was accomplished in only a few minutes. How long had I been putting off emptying? 2 days.

Have never been able to stand it – I suppose because it was my “assigned duty” as a kid & we didn’t have a dishwasher! To avoid the duty, I would smaller children into dish duty. I got my preschool age siblings with “playing Cinderella” several times. Visiting friends in San Francisco last weekend, they brought up one such instance – I’d had no idea that I’d pulled that trick on peers, but it sounded about right. There is nothing, in my opinion, more discouraging than knowing as soon as a clean dish is put up, there will be a dirty dish waiting to take it’s place.

What chore do you absolutely hate?


2 thoughts on “i told the kids we were playing cinderella

    • I don’t mind laundry if I’m not interrupted in the middle of it. If I can do my laundry and get put up immediately, then I’m alright. But with 2 kids, that doesn’t happen often for you, right?

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